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sebuah tulisan tengah malam


saya baru sadar bahwa ternyata saya sendirian. seperti perkataan sandra bullock kepada adiknya nicole kidman di film Practical Magic yang saya ingat setiap bait dan untai katanya karena menurut saya  hal itu menggambarkan apa yang saya alami sekarang.

[Sally's letter to Gillian] Sometimes I feel like there's a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean. The moon tonight, there's a circle around it. Sign of trouble not far behind. I have this dream of being whole. Of not going to sleep each night, wanting. But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing... I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for. I just want someone to love me. I want to be seen. I don't know. Maybe I had my happiness. I don't want to believe it but, there is no man, Gilly. Only that moon

ketika kesendirian dan rasa ketiadaan mulai menghantui diri saya, saya seperti mencium lagi harum parfumnya. Bahkan di jalan ketika begitu banyak orang lalu-lalang, hidung saya seperti terlatih saat mencium bau parfummu. Kamu! Ya,kamu!

Saya mencoba untuk bahagia. Sungguh.

But, No, really, I'd rather we'd be dead to each other.

bagaimana saya bisa melanjutkan hidup seperti tidak terjadi apa-apa, normal, ketika kenangan-kenangan tentang kita memenuhi kepala saya.Bukan, bukan kenangan indah yang saya ingat, justru kenangan yang menyakitkan itu yang membuat saya bersedih hati dan berkubang dalam jurang dalam.

Bagaimana bisa saya menjalani hidup seperti biasa ketika dulu yang saya doakan adalah keselamatanmu, hidupmu, setiap hari. Kamu memberikan satu warna pada hidup saya yang hambar, hidup saya yang ketika saya lihat dulu dan sekarang seperti tidak ada makna. Setiap hari saya berdoa tidak untuk hidup saya, melainkan kamu hidup, tidak terluka, tidak celaka, tidak apa, karena saya sampai pada suatu titik dimana saya merasa hidup kamu lebih berharga. Apalah artinya saya hidup jika kamu tidak ada? Setiap hari sebelum saya menjalani aktifitas, di tengah macetnya jalan ibukota, selalu ada momen kecil dimana saya berdoa.

Bagaimana bisa saya menjalani hidup seperti biasa ketika tidak ada lagi alasan untuk saya?

Tapi tidak.

Saya tidak mau menyerah pada kesendirian dan kepahitan hidup. Saya ingin bahagia. I want to be happy.

Saya tidak akan berdoa dan memohon untuk kamu lagi, tidak yang buruk, tidak juga yang baik. Saya takut hanya perkataan buruk yang akan keluar dari mulut saya.

Biarlah saya maafkan kamu. Bahkan rasa maaf ini sangat sulit saya berikan untuk kamu. Tapi saya tidak ingin membenci seseorang. Biarlah hidup ini berjalan apa adanya.

Mungkin, saya masih akan menangisi kenangan pahit tentang kita. Tapi saya tak akan lagi berkubang didalamnya. Mungkin, saya masih akan mencium bau parfummu dan kemudian terkenang lagi. Tapi hidup saya terlalu berharga untuk saya habiskan dengan bersedih-sedihan mengingat seseorang yang buruknya perlakuan terhadap saya.

You wish me well, I wish you hell.

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soooooooooooooooooooooooo I was seeing GD tweets, liek he was bored and or this such a gloomy sunday. And then he shared us a link from daft punk - something about us. AND THEN BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM OTOHKE IT'S SO MATCH LIKE MY OTHER FANFICT OTOHKE MIND BLOWING.
I mean...IS GD JUST GOING THROUGH A BREAK UP? And then I saw GD instagram profile, like you know he likes to post many random pict,BUT it's not random everyone. IT CREATED A PLOT IN MY MIND HAHAHA.

So, here I goes, showing you GD oneshot fanfiction about his break up POV with Bom. NOTED THAT THIS STORY IS LINKED WITH KILLING ME SOFTLY FANFIC, OKAY.



It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there's something about us I want to say
Cause there's something between us anyway

I might not be the right one
It might not be the right time
But there's something about us I've got to do
Some kind of secret I will share with you

I need you more than anything in my life
I want you more than anything in my life
I'll miss you more than anyone in my life
I love you more than anyone in my life

They adored me. Men and women. Worshipping me like I’m some kind of God. Of course I love that. Everytime they scream my name, I feel like another new level kind of God. Like a 21st century God.

Another plus point is they willing to do anything for me. Like literally anything. That’s why my bed is always warm day and night, if you know what I mean.

I’m not some kind of, you know, sex maniac or something, but those women (and some men) literally throwing theirself to me. How can I resist? Especially when they’re beautiful.

I love beautiful things. I admired them. I adored them. There’s some people that I consider very beautiful and some of them give me a fragile vibes. I want to caged them. Protect and admire them.

Just like my feeling for my Spring. I used to love her wholeheartedly. She used to be a light, bubbly woman, with a smile that could melt any man heart. Just like she melt me. My cold, cold, heart. I used to love her innocence, but now I feel like her innocence is tying me up with guilt. A double edged sword.

I remember waking up at 4 and sleeping becames to unbearable, especially when she sleeping next to me. I watch her beautiful face. She is so beautiful. I know she started to smoking again because of me. I remember it was our first fight. It was the moment I just couldn’t go on and hurt her anymore.

‘hey, you already wake? It’s 4 in the morning,babe’ she said to me with a sleepy face. Her body is naked with only a white blanked wrapped her. She have a super delicious body, sometimes I craved for her body everytime I see how skinned models that always come to flirt me.

‘I.........let’s break up noona’

‘puahahaha since when you called me noona? You never called me noona again after our third time making love’ she laughed as if I’m joking.

‘I....I’m serious....let’s end this relationship....’

It’s been 5 years of our relationship. Her birthday is coming up as long as our anniversaries. I feel like this is the right time. The longer I’m with her, the more she would be hurt.

‘Ji......’ she cried really hard and hug my back. She’s saying she would never let me go, she said she would prefer to die than losing me. Then she started asking for her fault.

It’s never been your fault. It’s my fault. One and only me. But I couldn’t say it. I can’t even speak when saw her miserable state. Then I just hugged her, saying that how can I be serious, I’m just joking and want to tease her.

She cried twice as hard and start hitting me softly, saying how could I do that to her. Breaking up is not a joke.

I’m sorry noona.

“hey handsome, what’s with the frown and deep thought? I’m naked here waiting for you and you ignore me?”

I looked at her. She’s a very popular young model and very beautiful. She practically begged and flirted with me so I could go to bed with her. I smiled at her and touch her chin. And then we just casually being a fuck buddy. Didn't I tell you that I'm weak with beautiful things?

“sorry pretty girl, it’s just I’m so lost in thought at your beautiful body” I started to kissing her shoulder.

“reallyyy??” she giggling.

“you are so beautiful....” I said in between the kisses.

And with that I spend the rest of my night with Kiko. Never once I could forget my spring pretty face. It’s like she haunted me. I feel like a hopeless romantics in a messed up relationship.

‘What have we been doing for all this time?’

She asked me when I asked her to break up with me for the last time. It's her birthday and just right after I give her a gift, I said it. This time there are no tears. It’s like she knew anything before I said it. This time she smiled to me. She light her cigarette and breathed in deeply. It’s like she’s gone in this cloud of smoke. I light my cigarette too. The situation is just too much for me to handle.

‘okay, let’s break up’ she said it between the inhaling. ‘It was nice being with you for five years. Thanks for the gift,anyway. This had been a best birthday gift I’ve ever had’

If she was crying like crazy saying she can’t live without me, begging me, or showing any kind of weakness or tears, I probably would take my words and start to apologize to her. Saying that I can’t live without her. That I’m a very awful man who had many lover and mistress. But I can’t. Her smile  stopping me. She was so beautiful and she still is.

And then we spend the rest of the night just being silence. It’s like we don’t need any words. The silence is killing me. But then, she stand and left. Leaving me alone in my large apartment in Gangnam. She didn’t even look back. Didn’t even packed her things. She just left. Why does the apartment feel so empty right now?

But I know, tomorrow I will be like myself again. Or I must say, the trying-too-hard myself. The party lover Kwon Ji yong. The womanizer. And then for a brief of time I could forget her. As every guy envied me when I have two beautiful ladies in my arms, begging me for fuck them. 

In the end I came home to the lonely apartment. Feeling lonely again. Her face, her smell, her things, haunted my apartment. It’s like she left it on purpose. It’s like she erased anything about me. Like I never existed. But that’s good. That’s the way it supposed to be.

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okay, so I was bored. I was listening to killing me softly. And do you all see how Bom is so sad in AON teaser video. So I want to make this as you know Bom POV her sadness in 2ne1. And I love Taehyun (WINNER) voice. The guy character played guitar, so at first I keep thinking of Kang Seungyoon. But only Taehyun could pull it off the COOL guy images and also melted us wuth his eyesmile. And don't forget, I want the guy like SO SO SO SO YOUNGER than Bommie. lol. Here it goes, Bom and Taehyun Oneshot Fanfiction, Enjoy :)


The usual night with Miss Park Bom in a cozy private bar in Seoul. She got to thinking of her life when some stranger singing for her.

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him
To listen for a while
And there he was this young boy
A stranger to my eyes

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

I felt all flushed with fever
Embarassed by the crowd
I felt he found my letters
And read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on

He sang as if he knew me
In all my dark despair
And then he looked right through me
As if I wasn't there
And he just kept on singing
Singing clear and strong

“hey yo miss Bom! The usual?” The good looking bartender greet me when I just sit in the bar.

“no, give me a strong one. Like really strong”

“oow, rough day?”

“the worst”

“kay! Anything for you miss” he give me a wink and goes to mix some bottles. He’s been casually flirt with me these days, as if he doesn’t know that I’m Park Bom?!

“here Miss, Spitting Cobra, don’t worry it’s on me” he laughed while giving me my drink.

“no, you don’t have to do that, I’m a celebrities, paying for my order is the least think I could do” I glared at him.

“okay okay if you insist....” he shrugged.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I have really bad day, and well even a harmless flirt from a bartender could make my day worsening.
I sipped my cocktail and searching for my cigarettes. Yeah, I’ve been smoking, but I only smoke when I just can’t take the stress anymore. I light my cigarette and breathed in deeply.

‘what would you do Park Bom? You’re getting older. People keeps bashing you’ I still can remember the sajangnim voice inside my head.

Yeah as if getting older isn’t bad enough. Now I’m being bashed for it.

‘I need my old Bommie. You’re not the same person, Bom. I feel like you’re changed. I’m sorry my Bom’

Yeah Ji, go fuck yourself. As if I don’t know your ‘activities’ with all those women. You want to break up with me? Like all those 5 years together doesn’t mean anything? Oh I feel like crying.

I drink my cocktail quickly. I really need to get drunk fast. Drunk is better than crying in this public place where people could see me. Thank God, it’s a private bar. Ji friends own it, and it’s been use as a popular hangout between high class people.

I remember the conversation I’ve had with Ji today. When he give me a beautiful silver match necklace and bracelet from Tiffanys as my birthday gift suddenly he said that we just couldn’t go on anymore. Yeah, I’ve had my breakup in a pile of jewelry. It’s such an irony, right? He break up on me after give me the things that I love the most in the world....

“like five years means nothing.....” I mutter.

“eh,what?” suddenly the guy beside me looking at me.

I looked at him. I suddenly realize he have a very pretty face as a guy. His delicate jaw and porcelain skin, with his long middle parted hair.  He is so old are him? It seems like he’s still in high school. Why a high schooler here?

“excuse me? Why do you keep staring at me?” he asked me again.

“oh...sorry...I the middle of thinking. Sorry again,mr...?”

“My name is Nam Taehyun. And it’s okay. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you before in the bar, miss” he must be know that either I’m a rich people or celebrities, because this bar is really private and only a regular could go in.

“actually I am a regular here, but yeah it’s been a long time since I went here. Are you sure, you don’t know me?” I smile and put out my cigarettes.  I feel like a bad example for this young fellow.

“emmmmm nope, hahahaha” he let out a light laugh. It’s strange, even hearing his laugh make me want to laugh too.

“are you a high schooler, taehyunnie?” I forwardly asked.

“eum....yeah...I worked here as a part timer singer. The club manager agree, and I still can worked here as long my school won’t find out”

“you are a singer? I am a singer too” I introduce myself as a singer. The title that I really love and proud. Because that’s the name I want people to know. Park Bom The Singer.

“well, you want to sing with me on stage? It would be an honour” he offered me to sing with him on stage.

“no...I don’t come here to sing. Just want to have fun. Oh, I think I’ll need another cocktail. Eunkwang-ah, get me another one of this” I raised my glass to Eunkwang, the bartender. He nodded and give me thumbs up.

“why do you look so sad?” suddenly he asked me.

I looked at him. I looked at his cute small eyes.

I’m a soon to be retired singer. I’m a singer but people think I can’t sing. And I’m getting older, and people hated me for getting older. And I just breaking up with my five years boyfriend, the bastard Kwon Jiyong, like he’s the one supposed to ditch me? Like I don’t know how fucking much groupies and fling he had?

But I couldn’t say it. In fact I just give the young guy a long quiet silence. But then I decided to smile. He’s too inocent to be polluted with all the dark in the entertainment industry.

“you are supposed to go up right? I anticipate your performance. Give me your best voice” I smiled at him. My cocktail aready there, and I sipped it.

“watch for me, I’m gonna sing something for you” he smiled and took his guitar and walked to the small stage.

I sipped my drink again. Eunkwang comes at me and suddenly ask me.

“do you know that taehyun guy?”

“nope, just meet him. A stranger in my eyes” I watched him as he cooly goes on stage. People start to clapping. I start to light another cigarettes.

“people seems to love him, right?” I asked the bartender.

“well, he’s young, handsome, talented, and have a beautiful voice”

“hello everyone, this is Nam Taehyun, hehe. I just meet a beautiful lady before I goes up to the stage. But this lady have such a sad stare that I’ve ever seen in anybody, hehe. So, in order to cheer the lady, I’ll sing a beautiful song for her. Do you all agree on me, everybody? Hehe” the young guy cheekily said with a big smile in his face.

I admire his bubbly personality and smile. I used to smile that big in front of everyone. Since when do I stop smiling like that?

Taehyun check his guitar and talked something with the band crew. A minute later, he sit in the center of the stage, sitting in a chair and holding his guitar.

Who do you think you see
When you look at me
Is it somebody strong
Somebody you could admire
And who do you think I am
When I take your hand
Are you counting on me
To fill your dreams and your desires

I gasped. That guy have a very nice voice. It’s like soft but haunt you down kind of voice. I hold my cigarettes and look at him intensely.

Well all I am
Is lonely just like you
All I want to do
Is have one dream come true
All I am is handing you my heart
And hoping to be part of you

He looked at me, but this time he’s no longer have a bubbly smiley face and instead staring with a deep gaze toward me. I try to looked away from his gaze. Why can’t I look away??

His fingers delicately playing the guitar and it match well with the band. It feels his finger also delicately playing with the beat of my heart. I feel like exposed. I feel like he’s singing my life.

Who do you think you are
Standing in the dark
Are you waiting for me
Why can't I reach you from here
And how do I get to you
Won't you let me through
Don't you think maybe we
Have something special to be shared

“hey Bom-ssi are you blushing?” Eunkwang suddenly asked.

“ssssht!” I shooed him and give him a sign to go away.

Oh no, did it look too obvious that I blushed? Is my face goes red? The audience are clapping when he and the band just playing the instrument. I wish he stopped. But then he keeps singing as if the clapping motivate him to be more emotional.

Well all I am
Is lonely just like you
All I want to do
Is have one dream come true
All I am is handing you my heart
And hoping to be part of you

He looked at me again, but now I feel like he try to look at my heart. My ugly and tainted heart. He keeps singing the chorus. I feel like my cheeks is wet. I am crying??? I try to stop but my tears keep falling down.  Oh great, the goddess Park Bom is crying, sitting alone in a bar, while listening to some guy singing?

When he’s done singing, he bowed and get off the stage. Now another singer is goes up. Taehyun walking to my spot while fixing his hair.

“hey, do I look cool there?”

I smirked but let out a small smile. I touch his long hair and messing it.

“yeah kiddo, just keep practice more so your singing technique keep improving!” I give him a best advice I can give. His vocal is perfect.

“liar, I saw you crying back there”

“who said I’m crying? It’s because of the smoke!” I showed him my cigarettes in my left hand.

“you should stop smoking, noona. It’s bad for your health”

“yeah as if you know me...” but I put out my cigarettes anyway.

“I lie too.I know who you are. Who doesn’t know you? The great and main vocal Park Bom who have a goddess figure” he smiled.

I looked at him, at his innocent eyes. Then I remember how his voice literally killing me in instant.

“so now be honest, what do you think of my voice?”

I smiled.

I feel like you’re killing me softly” I patted his right cheek.

“what is tha---“

I left a cheque at the table and let out my oversized sunglasses from my prada clutch. I wear them and smiling to Eunkwang.

“hey Eunkwang, thanks for the drinks, I give you a nice tip there”

I looked at Taehyun who still looking at me, confused at my word.

“you’re doing a great job, kiddo. See you soon” I kissed his cheek and walk away.



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Being 19 :)

After watching a korean movie called 19nineteen. It's a great movie for the teenager that still searched for their dreams,and realize that the real world isn't as easy as they think. It's a thriller but it have a good message for the teenagers.

I'm nineteen, in a second-almost three year on my undergraduate university. Being a teenager yet already reaching the peak of adolesence,I still can't understand my path of life. The feels of confused and dazed of my own dream. Questioning myself and the world in every second. One year more and (I hoped) I already graduate,but I still can't find my own self. What should I be? What should I do? What topic should I choose?

being nineteen that I am,searching for the light of dream in the black pitch streets,sometimes troubled my parents. Therefore I'm sorry for causing you a troubles. So God shine a light on my childhood dream,I don't know how I'll end up,I have nowhere to wish. Standing in an endless tunnel,I have my family and friends,I've got everything I need,if they don't understand,I close my mouth and walk on. I'm a burden on myself,I don't know the answer that people always asking,and it hurts. Makes me lose confidence and hurts my heart. Why,I don't know why I feel lost. I'm still wandering today and tomorrow. I still have time left before I'm being an adult. I will work things out for me so just you wait world :)

"Our nineteen
Like the warm summer sunlight
The age of nineteen won't last
There's nothing we can do to stop time
We need to find a new direction
and follow it to our future..." 19Nineteen Quotes

Sunday, July 28, 2013


“hey,I think you are too harsh with Inna. She’s your fiancee,right?” Seunghyun comes over at Jaejoong house in Gangnam. Jaejoong is mostly alone in his house because of his parents occasionally went away to business trip. Jaejoong little sister, Hyuna, is in boarding school in England.

“oh stop it,seunghyun,I’m really stressed on how clingy she would be” Jaejoong poured a glass of water to Seunghyun.

“come onnnn you know she’s always being like that. You also knew that after you and her graduated,her parents might be throw a big official engagement party,right?”

“hmm? I know....” Jaejoong try to cover up his face with a pillow.

“You have to be careful Jae,she’s not stupid,she might be know what you’re doing behind her back. And of you screwed up with her,it means you screwed up with her family. And I can’t even imagine what will your parents do to you” Seunghyun said with a careful words. Being in a super powerful and rich family also,he knew how poweful both the Yoo and Kim’s family is. And being Jaejoong friend,he also knew so many secret of him.


“pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeee come with me to the New York!!” Chaerin beg Krystal in her student council room. Krystal is busily typing in her Mac,trying to ignore Chaerin.

“why should I come? Everyone from Bom sunbae clique is there,you know I hate them. Beside,I have so many task. The winter charity event is near,and I still got no response from our school usual tea sets supplier. And the decoration! It’s still on 70%! I’m so damn dead,Chae...............” Krystal exploded and hit her head on the desk. She staring at her Mac,looked at how messy her work is.

 “hey hey hey.....come on I know you are the most smartest person I know,and I’m sure that you can handle all of this! Okay? So stop being depressed”, Chaerin patted Krystal head. She looked up and look at her best friend face.


“of course!! So now cheer up! How about we do some shopping or going to beauty shop?” Chaerin trying to cheer Krystal up. She knew that Krystal won’t refuse it, she loved shopping too much.

“oh wait! I can’t today! I promise my friend that I’ll watch our school basketball competition!!”

“w-what? Since when you’re interested on sports?? I remember you always say men who does sports is smelly!” Chaerin looked at Krystal,still being surprised at her words.

“uhmmm...yeah’s our school pride and honor..sooo.....oh I already late!! Bye Chaerin-ah!!” Krystal quickly run away,leaving Chaerin in the student council room alone.

“YAAAAAAA KRYSTAL JUNGGGG HOW ABOUT MY NY OFFERRRRRRRRRR?!!! HAISSSSHHH” Chaerin stomped her feet,cannot believe at her best friend action.


“soooooooooooooooooooooo tell me again,why we have to watch this lame game??????” Jessica said,half whispering,while try to covering her face with mask.

“onnieee it’s the final of the sports competition,and Yunho oppa are going to play as a captain!” Krystal happily said while cheering for their school team.

“that’s why I said this is the lamest game eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerr! Why should that guy became a captain? Did our school is in shortage of people? geez!” Jessica still trying to hide her face and adjusted her Chanel sun glasses.

“haish onnie,shut up! Just let me enjoy the game!”

“Ya you brat,you asked me to accompany you and now you abandon me! Aishh!!” Jessica cursed her sister,but trying to quite down the tone. The most important is trying so hard to hide her face,so everyone that mostly come from her school, can’t recognize her. She can’t even imagine if tomorrow in school paper,there’s her face on the headline news.

“WAAAAHH ONNIE, LOOK OPPA IS NOW SHOOTING THE THREE POINTS!!! KYAAAAA HE DID IT ONNIE!!! HE MAKE OUR SCHOOL THE WINNER!!” Krystal shouting so loudly and jump over happiness when Yunho secured their school wins by his three points right when the game ends.

“why are you so happy? His shoot are so lameeeeeeeee!!!” Jessica still not amused and even make her more mad.

“oh look onnie,oppa just text me to meet him at the back of the stadium. I’ll meet him,you want to come too?” Krystal asked her older sister. Jessica rolled her eyes,yeah like she had a choice anyway.

“oppa congratulations!!” Krystal hugs Yunho and with ease Yunho could lift Krystal tiny body.

“thank you Krys!” Yunho smile and patter his cousins head.

“oh,Jessica onnie is here too...” Krystal looked back at her sister that still keep their distance.

“Hi,Jess!” Yunho greet Jessica.

“Hmph....” Jessica looked back and even tighten her hoodies. Yunho,as if knowing that Jessica would never respond to him,smile weakly and quickly talked to Krystal.

“is it alright for both of you,if you watched our games?” asked Yunho to Krystal.

“aniya oppa,it’s alright really! I don’t even care if everyone in school knows if we’re cousins! I should be the one who ask that to you oppa,you should be with your friends right now,right?”

Jessica eyes widened upon hearing Krystal words. How dare she! Is she know that it take 1 year to  persuade all of her friends,that she have nothing in common with Yunho Jung the commoner (and also the scholarship achievement)! Krystal should know that her sister reputation is on the stake if everyone knows about the family secret! That Yunho is their cousins,but also the black list person in Jung family,that even their grandma already erased his name and his mother on the family tree!

“Krys!!” Jessica yelled at her sister.

“waeyo onnie??” Krystal looked innocently.

“both of you,stop it....don’t fight because of me,and Krys,it is not okay if everyone knows we’re cousins,since grandma don’t acknowledge me and mom. And yeah,you’re right,I have to go back in now,is that okay with you guys?”

“but oppa we just met......”

“tsch! Krys let the commoner go,I can’t stand him anymore! Beside,I have an appointment with Inna and Bom this afternoon” Jessica said.

“Bye oppa! Come play at our house sometimes,okay?” Krystal hugged him. She loved Yunho because he’s the only one in her family that could understand her.

“Bye little one! Yeah I will,don’t you worry about it” Yunho smiled to her, “Jess,btw you looked like a freak with those mask and the glasses”, Yunho laughed. He loved teasing Jessicameven though how much Jessica don’t like him. He quickly run back to the stadium.

“Ya!! It’s chanel! Chanel! Tsch! Such a commoner!!!” Jessica yelled at him.

“onnie,come on....let’s go home” Krystal holds her sister so she won’t be running and hitting Yunho. Knowing her sister personality,she definitely would do that.

“yeah let’s go home!!!! Whose fault is it that I have to watch that guy game?!!!” Jessica throwing a temper on Krystal.

V. Ren, Suho, and Taemin

@School Library

“hey Suho,you saw the new guy, Kim Jongin?” Ren asked him when they’re in library doing the paper work after school. Ren is searching some books about social theory in the library shelf. He hates study, if it isn’t because of Suho and Taemin yelled at him for, what is the word they said,oh slacking off, he wouldn’t come to help them.

“yeah,Ren,I saw him. We all saw him,with all the girls surrounds him”, said Suho while he’s typing in his Mac. Suho is a straight A student, and he very concern with the paper.

“yeah,he just came here and already popular with the ladies. What’s so good about him anyway? And you saw the lunch accident? Him being scolded by Chaerin sunbae?” Ren is the school idol,so he feels that Jongin popularity is gonna over top him in school.

“no,I don’t,why he’s being scolded?”

“well from what I saw,he try to talk with Bom sunbae and had a nerve to go to the sunbaenim exclusive corner”

Suho suddenly stunned. Ren sense this and fueling the story. Oh this is amusing. 

“and you know what? Bom sunbae actually cheer him up,and he’s blushing”, Ren knows exactly how to tease Suho, maybe because they're spend too much time together.

“ The new guy trying to talk to Bom noona? Why did he do that?” Suho asked Ren with a furious face.

“well,I don’t know. Maybe he liked her? Well everyone loves Bom sunbae,including you”, Ren give him a smirk. He know how much Suho loves Bom.

“but he’s new here! Is he doesn’t know the school rule?!” Suho scratch his head confused and annoyed as well.

“what rule? There is no rule. You just made it up,silly” Ren laugh and continue to search books in the library shelf.

“there is! that’s a good thing Chaerin sunbae scolded him,hmph..” Suho childishly said. Ren shocked his head not believing how childish Suho is.

“hey,I’m very curious why you never confess to Bom sunbae? She’s your childhood friend,right?” Ren suddenly asked Suho. He remember the memory when Bom sunbae always came to Suho house when they're a kid.

Suho stopped his writing. He looked at Ren like he’s the biggest fool ever.

“what?” Ren innocently looked back.

“ren you are so fool...” suddenly Taemin came and hit Ren head with book. They’re in one group task,what a coincidence since they always together since elementary school.

“Ya!! Taemin-ah! It’s hurt!” Ren pouting at Taemin.

“that’s what you got for being so fool”, Suho calmly said and continue with his work.

“Ya! Suho! Why don’t you defend me?? And Taemin,I thought you’re not coming,since you’re so busy with the student council”

“it’s already done,so I excuse myself to come here” Taemin started helping Suho and took the laptop.

“hey,suho you haven’t answer my question about confessing your feelings”, Ren still so curious.

“Ren,that’s why I said you’re a fool. Bom sunbae is dating Seunghyun sunbae,the most handsome, and popular boy in school! How can Suho compete with him?” said Taemin.

“soooooo you’re insecure about it?” Ren asked Suho,but he got a smack in his head for the reply.

“ACKK! Ya!” Ren shouting at Suho, and Taemin laugh at them.

“it’s not that I’m insecure..... I just thought that the me right now can’t even compete with Seunghyun sunbae,so I will try my best to surpass him,and then took Bom noona for me....hehe” Suho childishly smiling. Taemin let out a little laugh seeing his friend act.

“aigooooo what a lover boy!” Ren throw a pencil to Suho.

“Ya Choi Minki!” Suho trying to get a revenge to Ren,but Ren already hide behind Taemin while make a funny face to tease Suho.

“Ya stop fighting and help me finishing our paper! Ren you’re not helping by standing there really!” Taemin scolded them.

Sunday, July 14, 2013



Park Bom walking down the school lobby gracefully. Beside her, it’s Sandara Park, her cousin. Bom have the kind aura while Dara giving more snobby and arrogant aura. The school already over and most of the students already went back home. Bom and Dara is both active in the school activity,so they have more work to do after school. Dara is a secretary in student council and Bom is the head of orchestra club. Dara holding a cup of coffee,while reading some gossip news through her Ipad.



“I think I can’t make it to our tea time with everyone. I have to go to practice my violin. Tell Chaerin that I’m sorry too. We promised to looked at her design yesterday” said Bom refering to their usual activity with Inna, Jessica, Jaejoong, Seunghyun, and now with the addition of Lee Chaerin.

Lee chaerin is a freshman that wins a debutante ball a year ago just before she got into the Kangsan Academy. Park Bom found the freshman is very amusing and started to took Chaerin under her wing of friends. Dara just quietly agreeing while Inna, as usual, being bubbly and happily welcomed the freshman. Jessica on the other hand still not happy because the debutante ball accidents, and Dara knows about it. So she asked Jessica little sister,Krystal, to join the student council and became Dara assistant. Jessica is quite happy but still showing a disgusted look everytime Chaerin with them. Dara is a hypocrite,she agreed on her cousin decision just because she knew how much the Lee family power in Korea, and also how Chaerin is managed to became a top fashionista in the country with her clothing line.

“I will tell everyone Bom,don’t worry. Although,I know Chaerin is gonna be disappointed. She wanted you to be her model”, Dara said as she sipped her Americano.

“why not using Inna? She’s a real model,and I’m sure she would definitey accept it” asked Bom. Even though everyone keep saying that she have the same beauty like a real model, Bom never really considered to join that glamour world. It's too unbalanced,she thought.

“tell that to Chae of yourself,Bom. She insist of using you”

Then Krystal approach them,with a pile of documents. Krystal became Dara personal assistant and a head of general affairs in the student council.

“’s the documents for you for the charity event next month”,said Krystal. She give Bom a light bow and smile.

“it’s already here? Bom,I have to go to the student council room to check all the documents,is it okay?”

“of course! Beside, I have to go to practice room. Don’t wait for me,dara! I’ll call the driver to pick me up” Bom smiling and waving at them and quickly go to the orchestra club.

“okay,bye Bommie!” Dara wave back and walk away with Krystal following.

The orchestra club will be playing next month at the school charity event. Bom would be playing her violin solo so she have to practice really hard. She open the club door. It’s empty. It seems like everyone already went home. She open her violin case,and start playing Chopin: Etude in E major, Op.10 No.3. She’s too absorbed in her play when she hear something on the outside of the window. The orchestra club is located near the Academy park,so maybe it’s another student,she thought. But all the student already came home. So with a curiousity,she open the window to find out what noise it is.

“who’s there??” when she open the window,the light wind from the outside blow away her violin sheet.

There,she saw a good looking guy,wearing an ordinary clothes, sit above the window. Obviously peeping and get caught.

“so—sorry! I just....I’m lost and suddenly I hear a very beautiful music came from here”. The guy is bowing to her. Bom never saw him before in the school.

“are you new here?” Bom asked him.

“y-yeah I will be a student here tomorrow! Ah it’s you! You’re in this school too!!” suddenly the guy shout when he saw Bom face. My angel is here.

“is there something wrong with me?” Bom blinked with a curiosity. What a cute guy,she thought.

“ just.....don’t you remember me?” the guy shyly asked.

“hmm...I’m sorry but I don’t. Have we met before?”

“’s not a big deal...I know you probably never remember a commoner like me” the guy half whispered, clearly disappointed.

“Kim Jongin! Where are you??” suddenly there’s a old woman shouting.

“it must be my mother...I have to go, miss!” Jongin then quickly running towards the old woman.

“what a funny guy....” Bom chuckled. She closed the window and continue to practice.


“Jae,can’t you come to my shoot today??” Yoo Inna is nagging to her boyfriend/fiancee Kim Jaejoong.

“I’m sorry,I can’t,Inna....I told you I have a very big meeting at my father company” Jaejoong looked at her with a annoyed look.

“’s my first drama filming......can you just come pleaseeeee?” Inna pleaded again.

“I told you I can—“

“guys,please stop it! We don’t really want to hear your lovers quarrel” said Jessica while polishing her nail. Inna stomped her feet but stop her nagging.

“hey everyone! Sorry,I just had a quiz in the Biology class”,Bom comes and hugged the girls. Jaejoong just give her a smile.

“where’s Dara?” asked Inna.

“she said,she can’t be with us at lunch. She have to worked for the charity event”

“yeah,Krystal said to me that the event really make the student council exhausted. Poor Dara...” said Jessica,still polishing her nails.

“Chae! Come here!” Inna shouting and wave at the younger blonde girl.

“onnie!” Chaerin approached them. Jessica rolling her eyes, she can’t believe all of her friends now befriended with the girl who steal the crown from his sister. And not mention,her little sister become best friend with that chaerin girl.

“Chae,I’m really sorry I can’t come yesterday...” said Bom with a sorry look.

“don’t be,onnie...Inna onnie aready agreed to be my model. But......I still kept the main dress for you!” Chaerin clothing line, CL, are gonna launch a new store in rodeo street,Apgujeong.

“really?? Can I look at the design,pleasee?”

“sorry onnie,it’s a secret! You will see it after it’s done,I promise”

“awww too bad...oh speaking of yesterday,I saw a really interesting guy. And he said he’s new in school. It’s amazing how he could come at the half of semester” suddenly Bom remembered yesterday event.

“really? What’s his name?” Jessica asked.

“I think it’s Kim—“

“IT’S KIM JONGIN!!” suddenly the cafetaria became so noisy. And a quite good looking guy is now being surrounded by the freshman girls.

“it’s him!” Bom pointing at the guy.

“the new guy? He’s just came this morning and already make a fuss. Maybe because he’s so good looking....” Jessica said. Jessica knew all the latest gossip in school, and plus the new guy is cute, so she's kinda digging on him.

“or really rich...but I never saw his face before....” Inna looked at Jongin with a curiousity.

“maybe he just spend his childhood overseas,so we never see him”, Chaerin said that,recall her memories when she first met Krystal.

“hey honey”,suddenly Seunghyun came and kiss Bom cheek. Choi Seunghyun is the son of Kangsan Academy director,and also head of the student council. He also happens to have a relationship with the Academy Queen Bee,Bom.

“oh hey,I thought you came with Dara”,Bom kiss him back. Seunghyun take a seat beside Bom.

“no,she said she still have something to be done. Hey Jae,how about tonight plan? Still on it?”

“of course! After I done with the meeting at the office,I’ll see you there” said Jaejoong sipped his juice.

“what plan? I don’t know you had a plan tonight?” Inna asked Jaejoong.

“it’s a guy night,Inna,you don’t really have to know” said Jaejoong, clearly annoyed.

“but I’m your fiancee! I suppose to know everything! Bom,you know where’s Seunghyun will be going?”

“oh..I....well I kinda let him off doing anything that he wants...” Bom give her a akward smile.

“see? Even Bom doesn’t do that! I’m so tired hearing your nag. I’m going first guys”,Jaejoong throw the napkin and going away. Inna looked like she would be crying at any minute.

“onnie....”Chaerin trying to console Inna.

“Seunghyun-ah....” Bom looked at Seunghyun,asked him for help. He’s Jaejoong best friend,and maybe are the only one who can fix this. Seunghyun give Bom a calming smile.

“I will talk to Jaejoong,okay Inna-ah? I’m sure he’s just having a bad day today. And about tonight,it’s really nothing,we just gonna hang in my club and talking. You girls can come too if you want it”, Seunghyun then kiss Bom cheek again, and followed Jaejoong.

“I think,I’m going to class first...” Inna then leaving Chaerin,Jessica, and Bom. She walk away and cry.

“oh well....I think I’m going too...we still had our shopping plans,right Bom?” asked Jessica while fixing her uniform and her blonde hair.

“yeah,my driver would pick us up after school. Bye Jess...” Bom waved to Jessica,and she waved back.

“onnie,I just got a vip pass for Vera Wang fashion show in NY next week,care to join me?” Chaerin asked Bom. They both love fashion shows, and this week is the time that all fashionista all around the world gather,it’s New York Fashion Week. Last year,Bom had to excused from school so she could catch all the shows. Dara,Inna, Jessica, Seunghyun, and Jaejoong also came with her plead.

“really?? Oh  is it the time yet? So Vera would be opening the shows this year? I’ve been so busy with the orchestra club,so I keep forgetting my favourite time in the year!”

“so you’ll come with me,right??” Chaerin asked her. Bom is Chaerin muse in fashion. Watch the NYFW with her is one of a kind happines.

“of course! I will booked a plane ticket and trying to get a room in Ritz. I hope Ritz still provide the grand suite room,it’s the busiest time of the year,and usually it’s full booked with everyone from the fashion week”, Bom try to calculate things in her Ipad. Should she called her father assistant to help her get a reservation? She also have to booked all the other vip pass to watch all the shows.

“I will call someone from Hilton,if the Ritz are full booked,onnie”, the Lee family have an affiliate with the Hilton,so it’s gonna be very easy on Chaerin to make a reservation there.

“oh really?? That would be good! I will call my father secretary to also provide us all the vip pass for all the shows. How’s that sound? I don’t know if the others want to watch it or not,they’re not really big fan of fashion. Dara maybe would come with me, and Seunghyun too. Well,if Dara want to come,I’m sure everyone also want to come. Okay perfect! I already set that in my social schedule!” Bom happily said while checking her agenda.

“I will ask Krystal too! But I don’t know if she want to come or not,but we can ask Jessica onnie to bring her!” Chaerin knew that Krystal hate all the social events and her sister also in it,but there’s no harm in trying to plead her,thought Chaerin.

Suddenly their conversation is being interrupted with Jongin that suddenly approach them.

“Annyeonghaseyo sunbaenim! We meet again!” said Jongin while bowing to Chaerin and Bom. He innocently smiling like a little kid.

Jongin bow to Bom and Chaerin while innocently smiling. Everyone in the cafetaria looked at him with a weird and scared face. Bom’s clique always sit in the corner at the cafetaria,with a big red sofa in it. It’s exclusive,and no one really had a nerve to come there,except they’re one of the beautiful people.

“how noisy! Don’t you know that me and Bom onnie are having a conversation here? Don’t you know the rule?” Chaerin looked at him with a annoyed face.

“I-I’m sorry,but I don’t know. Is there any rule,that not allowed me to greeting you guys in the cafetaria?” Jongin loooked with innocent face.

“You don’t know? Since it’s your first day in school,I let you off. Onnie,let’s go to class!” Chaerin try to keep her cool and hold her anger. How dare this new guy talked to her like that. She walk away and waiting for Bom in the front of the cafetaria.

“am I doing something wrong?” Jongin asked Bom,who still tidy up her things.

“oh don’t worry,she’s always like that”,Bom let out a little laugh and then went following Chaerin. Jongin can’t help but blushing over seeing Bom laugh.

“Jongin-ssi,are you okay?” one of the first grade girls,named Gaeun come to Jongin. She's in the same class with Jongin, and already mesmerized by his cool charisma.

“yeah,I’m okay,Gaeun-ssi” Jongin smiled to her.

“don’t mind Chaerin sunbae,she’s so arrogant because she’s in Bom sunbae clique even though she’s just a second year” said Ahreum. She’s also one of Jongin fans.

“and not to mention,she’s winning the debutante ball last year....” Gaeun said to the girls.

“yeah at her fresheman year!”

 “yeah! Yeah!” the girls now chattering and gossiping. The girls now already talking about this year debutante ball that will be held this winter. Kai akwardly standing and confused about their talk.

“hey,girls....sorry but I have to go to the library. Bye!” Jongin quickly run away from all those girls. He doesn't really girls,and actually it makes his head dizzy by their loud laugh and talk.

"B-but!! Kim Jongin-ssi wait for us!!" The girls are now chasing him.